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Photo a Day Challenge

So, I did the Photo a Day Challenge in March. Or I tried to anyway, until I about midway through the month when I stopped challenging myself in that way. I originally decided to do it because I thought it would be an interesting diversion for these boring days, a way to challenge myself creatively, a way to help myself look for beauty, and maybe a way to help myself get a little taste of “micro-blogging.”

Along the way I learned that photography is really not my interest. You have to know stuff about lighting and composition, and it really comes down to the fact that I don’t have the patience for it. I’m more a “train myself to appreciate the memories associated with my crappy photographs” kind of person.

Anyway, I think my mom appreciated seeing some pics of her grandkids more frequently than we normally post.

"Self Portrait"
“Self Portrait”

One thing I was always thinking about when I went through the challenge was, “When am I just me and not us?” The little girl is trying out her independence at this age, so she’s she and I’m me, usually. But the little boy is nursing, so we’re always we at this point. I was invited to a birthday dinner, and we went. I go to the store alone sometimes, with him. I tell myself that this reality is temporary, but he doesn’t know that yet.

"What I wore"
“What I wore”

I wore him.

"What she wore"
“What she wore”

She wore the chocolate cake. That was a good day, with the sun shining finally. We were coming home from the doctor but the baby was screaming and I was still getting used to taking the kids out all by myself. (Again, alone but with them.) So we stopped to share a cake and some milk. That’s when it started to feel okay to be a mother of two…you just do what you have to do to accomplish whatever needs to be done. Sometimes that includes cake!

Where I went
Where I went

Here again, I is we. We were so happy to find this place. It looks a little sparse, I know, but if you knew our other nearest playgrounds, you’d understand what a gem this place is. I love how far it is from the roads (although that’s what made it so hard to find in the first place), I love that there’s a sandbox, I love that there are kids our age there, I love (and hate) how it puts me in a position to try out my Slovak on the other moms.


We all have to share Dadko’s arms. And Dadko has to share his space. And Dadko has to share Mommy. And Mommy feels like she’s being asked to share everything, all the time.

"A pair"
“A pair”

We had just bought that apple from the local apple store. I thought it would be ok to just walk there holding hands, and not use the stroller, but I didn’t take into account that she would be “uncontained” around all the stuff for sale. I was making a careful comparison of honey that was on sale vs the honey not on sale, while she was checking out how many 1kg buckets of sauerkraut she could carry at once. Sure enough, one dropped and broke open, so we bought it and I tried to eat it for a week. I wanted to take a picture of that, but it’s not “fresh,” it’s “pickled.” I was secretly relieved when it fell out of the refrigerator at home and spilled all over the floor and we had to throw it away. I like sour cabbage, but one kilo is just too much.

"A mess"
“A mess”

A very measly mess. You should’ve seen our house the day someone sprinkled lentils all over the floor while the baby was screaming and my hands were covered in raw chicken germs. Or our upstairs bathroom on any given day. We can make some pretty impressive messes.

"On the floor"
“On the floor”
"Someone you love"
“Someone you love”

Sorry to be sappy, but the individual you and the collective you love this guy. He’s the fun one, the forgiving one, the generous one, the proud of me when I do something that should be easy but it’s not because I’m foreign one. Oh, and our bread winner (who ironically should avoid bread himself) 🙂

"A sign"
“A sign”

Those buds turned into light pink flowers last week.


Any old picture can show “lucky,” but on this day we were particularly grateful for the sun and the bubble mixture.


I was nursing and not in the mood to do it on the balcony on a cold day with a camera when “sunset” day came up in the challenge. So this is a picture I took in Denmark in 2008 on a windy November day.

"Something you can't live without"
“Something you can’t live without”
"Something good"
“Something good”

Laundry on the line and relatively empty laundry baskets. Actually, the laundry baskets were empty when I got the idea to take this picture with the title “something good,” but stuff appeared in them before I could pull out the camera.


As explained on the facebook page, I ain’t no photographer. And I haven’t got the drive to google how to take a silhouette, so here’s a picture of my cute baby instead. The ultimate mom cop-out.

"A good habit"
“A good habit”

This caption was dreadful to come up with. I thought for days about what good habit we have that I could capture without being a total lair. Seems like all the good things we do are on a “sometimes” basis, and I don’t even mind to tell you that because your life is maybe, possibly the same way. But ever since my mom was here visiting, we’ve been pretty okay about cleaning up after dinner.


I know, I know, PINK.



"In my bag"
“In my bag”

My bag is our bag.


And then I stopped the challenge cause I had had enough of it, and I’m free to quit things like this when I want to! Hope you enjoyed the tiny peek into our lives here 🙂

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